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The Ventotene Lighthouse

A Federalist Journal for World Citizenship

The dividing line between progressive and reactionary parties no longer coincides with the formal lines
of more or less democracy…more or less socialism, but the division falls along a very new and substantial line:
those who conceive the essential being the ancient one, the conquest of national political power…
and those who see the main purpose as the creation of a solid international state
…as an instrument for achieving international unity.


Think and act like a citizen of the world

Think and act like a citizen of the world In our politically and economically interdependent world the idea of progress seems to have disappeared. The major powers have taken up the nuclear arms race once more, investing heavily in the military sector when what we urgently need is effective international […]

European Democracy is not for sale: A call to Action!

Democracy is not for Sale – website

A Call for a Child Union

A Call for a Child Union – sign now!

We are in this together
Two Petitions

Funding the Corona Recovery by curbing tax dumping and money laundering

European Solidarity Now!

We the peoples

For a Democratic Global Governance

For the wealth of mankind

Europe’s Vanishing Sovereignty

In his memorable speech at the Sorbonne on 26 September 2017, the French President Emmanuel Macron presented a well-structured and convincing plan for relaunching the […]

Citizens Take Over Europe

Join our event on Tuesday! Launching a citizen-led conference on the future of Europe. Exciting news! We are happy to announce that we are organising […]

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