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Humanity as a new political subject
Articles concerning the ecological crisis, anthropocene, disarmament, pandemics, migration, racism, ethnocentrism, nationalism; in other words, articles which discuss the future of humanity.


The Supermarket of Citizenship and European Democracy

Europe’s response to the pandemic comes in the form of a major undertaking, the Next Generation EU recovery plan, based on a European public debt and new own resources. The Commission’s commitment to offering young people a future shows that European solidarity exists. But there are various rarely discussed phenomena that are gradually eroding it.             The one I would...

Think and act like a citizen of the world

Think and act like a citizen of the world In our politically and economically interdependent world the idea of progress seems to have disappeared. The major powers have taken up the nuclear arms race once more, investing heavily in the military sector when what we urgently need is effective international cooperation on sustainable development to halt global warming. It is...