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Initiatives and events for world citizenship and global democracy
Articles regarding the action organized by movements and groups for international reforms; in general, in favour of sustainable development, world citizenship, UN global democracy, etc.


For a Democratic European Power

The Covid crisis has made us all too aware of both our precarity and our interdependent destinies.   It has shown us the importance of Europe in this new multipolar world, and the need to unite against the immense ecological, economic, social, health and security challenges facing our societies.  Today the Europeans have an opportunity to make the European Union the...

Citizens Take Over Europe

Join our event on Tuesday! Launching a citizen-led conference on the future of Europe. Exciting news! We are happy to announce that we are organising a series of online events on the 15 December (starting at 17:30) & 14-15 January showcasing the vision for a dynamic, participatory and inclusive Conference on the Future of Europe.During these sessions, decision-makers, opinion leaders,...

European Democracy is not for sale: A call to Action!

The European Union is at a crucial turning point. The concrete implementation of the Recovery Plan, presented by the European Commission to save and relaunch a sustainable European economy, is bringing out conflicts on a decisive point. Should European financial resources allocated to national governments be linked to respect for the rule of law or not? Some governments, such as...

We the peoples

More than 200 civil society groups from over fifty countries, among them sixty that operate internationally, call on the United Nations […]

Coronavirus – For a Democratic Global Governance

An Appeal to national leaders and international institutions The coronavirus pandemic has caused a global health and economic crisis that requires global solutions. However, the national-international structure is unable to offer an adequate response to it. Thought leaders around the world – Saskia Sassen, Daniele Archibugi, Mary Burton, Garret Brown, Susan George,Richard Sennett, Erna Paris, Fernando Savater, Loris Zanatta, among...

For The Wealth of Mankind

The World Federalist Movement wrote a letter asking the UN Security Council to declare that the COVID-19 pandemic constitutes a threat to international peace and security and to immediately adopt measures to address its causes and effects. Alarmingly, this pandemic is showing that rivalry between some permanent members of the UN Security Council and fast-changing geopolitical dynamics are paralysing and...